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  1. Terri Cafarelli

    She is amazing . Her cupcakes are, no lie, the best I have ever tasted. I am not a cake or cupcake eater but Patti’s cupcakes are so fresh and moist you can not help but eat every bit of one. So whatever your event is, Patti will find an amazing way to make your party the talk of all your friends.

  2. Kenna DiBuono

    Patti’s cupcakes are the most delicious tasting dessert I have ever had! Her unique flavors and designs make her cupcakes stand out from all other desserts. Each cupcake is so moist and fresh and filled with so much flavor that you hope you never finish it! I only like desserts that I bake, but now that I’ve had the pleasure {and I mean pleasure} of eating several of Patti’s cupcakes, I will be hosting many parties just so that I can have a regular diet of her cupcakes. They are that fabulous! I can’t wait to see what other awesome ideas Patti comes up with. Thank you for being the hit of the party!

  3. Laura O'Sullivan

    I had Patti create cupcakes for my daughter’s 12th birthday party. They were not only delicious but beautiful. The adults loved them just as much as the kids and NO MESS!!!! I highly recommend her cookies and cream cupcakes for any childs birthday. YUM!!

  4. Linda Sweet

    I am not a sweet eater and i do not like sweet frostings but when i eat Patti’s cupcakes, it all changes. Everything is made from scratch, which is a change for me because i am a box girl :), and i must say, every one that i have tried is delicious! One plus is the fact that she can make the old favorites, chocolate, vanilla, but she will also make some adult creations by adding your favorite beverage flavors. I am very familiar with the other cupcake businesses and Patti’s prices are very comparable within the Upstate New York area. The one, very important difference is that if you want theme cupcakes, i.e., gnomes, spiders, golf, beach, popcorn/movies, she will go above and beyond to make them look and taste amazing. Best wishes for years of success Patti’s Cupcakes.

  5. Helene Resnick

    Wow! They are the best cupcakes ever. Moist, flavorfull, beautiful, and clever decorating. You can tell that they are made with only the best ingredients. The decorating is unique and fun. Love them sooo much.

  6. MJ

    I never knew there were so many flavors or designs for a cupcake. Patti has captured her style and art of cupcake making in her authentic designed cupcake kitchen.

    Cupcakes are being used today for weddings, showers, birthdays and so many other special events. They are easy to eat and easy on the clean-up.

    One of my favorites is the champagne cupcake not only for its taste, but for the elegant look it can create for a wedding or bridal shower. Another favorite is the Margherita which is so delicious to begin with but I love to put mine in the freezer and eat them as I savor them piece by piece as a frozen cupcake treat!!

    If you have something in mind you would like for a special event you are having, just bring it to Patti and she will work with you to create a unique look and the best tasting cupcakes ever!!

    I would recommend Cupcakes by Patti to everyone for an “awesome delight” and most of all your guests raving, “Where did you get these cupcakes?”

  7. Lisa S

    Patti’s cupcakes are not only amazing to look at, but taste amazing too! So moist! The ” chocolate cheesecake” and the “pink lemonade” are incredible! .. Cupcakes by Patti will definitely be getting another order from me for my little girls birthday party.

  8. Pam K

    Yummy. Simply the most “out of this world” delicious cupcake I have ever had. They are flavorful and they are the moistest cupcakes I have ever had. Will definitely be using Patti’s cupcakes for my daughter’s upcoming wedding. Can’t wait to taste every flavor!!

  9. admin

    Oh my God – you are so gifted!
    I finally had your cupcake. I was going to eat half and share with my mom but it was too good! I ate it all.
    The best cupcake I have ever had!
    Keep it up. You’re awesome and I will be spreading the news about your cupcakes! 🙂

  10. Patty

    The cupcakes are gorgeous and very creative. And the taste is out of this world!! The Red Velvet is to die for, I am a big fan of Patti and her cupcake creations 🙂

  11. Mia

    Patti’s cupcakes are the most delicious I have ever tasted. I love cupcakes because of all the fun flavors and combinations possible so I can’t resist buying one from bakeries, cafĂ©s, cupcake buses, or wherever I see an appealing little cake. Truthfully, the taste almost never lives up to the fancy names and I am left disappointed, but certainly not with these moist and delicious cupcakes! I have only tasted four different flavors of Patti’s cupcakes but they were the four best cupcakes I have ever eaten and I hopeto try more! Thank you Patti for your delicious (and beautiful) cupcake creations!

  12. Michele L

    I just ordered the Soft Italian Cookie and the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes for my sons high school graduation party. First and foremost, the cupcakes were delicious, moist and so flavorful. I asked Patti to customize the frosting to match my sons high school colors and she did so without hesitation. The cupcakes were a hit with everyone at our party and everyone asked who made them. We even visited her website during the party so my family members could make plans for their future orders. Most importantly my son loved both cupcakes. Thank you Patti for adding to our special day!

  13. Susan

    Hi Patti:
    Many thanks for the incredible cupcakes!!! The two choices we selected were Yummy! With the Happy Birthday Mary centered and sangria and white russian angled off side, the presentation was perfect. Your contribution added to a very happy celebration for my childhood friend Mary. Thanks for all of your tips and helpful hints!

  14. Sheila Das

    BEST cupcakes and BEST overall experience – These are simply the most delicious cupcakes I have ever eaten! They are beautifully decorated in incredibly creative ways and they are, most importantly absolutely scrumptious. Each flavor is moist with a unique taste. It is obvious these are made with fresh ingredients by someone who cares about a quality product. I first sampled Patti’s cupcakes at an anniversary party and I thought I must have these for my daughter’s upcoming high school graduation party! Patti made 25 dozen mini cupcakes of 6 different flavors. Although I ordered on very short notice she made the effort to find, and make Syracuse University items (party theme) to adorn the cupcakes. She arranged them on beautiful towers and made an adorable sign explaining each cupcake. I had only 6 cupcakes leftover out of 300! My guests went crazy for them. At least 10 people told me that they do not normally eat sweets, but they could not resist the cupcakes because they were so nicely decorated and then they ate another because they tasted so good! I am hosting a family party in July and I have already ordered with Patti. I also think the price is very fair for the quality product you are getting. These are not grocery store cupcakes. These will be the main attraction at any gathering and something your guests will talk about and remember. The other thing I must mention is that Patti is so professional and conscientious. She is truly a pleasure to work with!

  15. Lesleigh Wylie

    I just wanted to shoot a quick email, to Thank you again, for the beautiful job you did with the cupcakes. They were fabulous, a big hit. They were just as delish, as how beautiful they were. You are very talented. I will be recommending you to everyone, and when the need arises I will be calling you. Thanks for helping make Kiersten’s day, extra special. Only one complaint…I didn’t want anyone to eat them…:)
    Thanks again
    Lesleigh Wylie

  16. Lily & Owen

    My name is Lily and I am 4. My brother Owen is almost 2. We always look forward to Patti’s cupcakes! We really liked the cakepops too! 🙂

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